What’s the Point of Websites in 2019?

In modern marketing, you usually hear about a company’s social media pages before you learn their web address.

This isn’t necessarily because websites are less important. If anything, they still hold the same purpose to serve as a central hub for all information regarding your company.


Here are a few important roles a website holds:


  • Links to other places their company has an online presence. This can range from social media sites, to YouTube channels, and any other sources and sites you want consumers to have access to.

  • Search engines still matter. 51% of website traffic comes from search engines. So, if a consumer searches for your company on Google or Bing and don’t have a published website, you are missing out on tons of through traffic.

  • Social media sites can give people a quick 20 second impression of your company. Having a website with everything they could possibly need or want to know about your company is vital. Include your website link in your social media bio. Also make sure your site is mobile friendly because 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

  • First impressions last a lifetime. It only takes .5 seconds to make an impression, so having a visually pleasing, organized, and user-friendly website can make or break the way your company is viewed from person to person. 94% of negative feedback collected from SEO audits is regarding website design. Keep this in mind while building your website structure.

  • A website is the perfect place to show off your branding, accomplishments, and services you offer. It’s also a great area to home in on what you believe and what your company stands for.


In conclusion, yes websites are “less” important than they were 10-20 years ago, but they are still a must-have for every company. Having website content that is easily digestible without being overwhelming is going to capture the most people.

That being said, people have a short attention span, so keeping your website simple and to the point while still being informative will set you apart from the rest.





Taylor Torres