6 Reasons We Started Offering Text Message Marketing

We like to offer services to our clients that actually make sense for today’s world.

As you will see on our services page, we’ve started offering Text Message Marketing to our clients.

What does that mean?

To put it simply, we’ll build up a list of people for your business to text.

With this service, you are building a phone number database so you can reach customers right in their text messages.

Picture this:

Your customer sees something online saying “Enter your phone number and we’ll text you an exclusive 50% offer.”

They opt in (which allows you to legally send them a text) then you have direct access to them.

This service is perfect to use alongside paid media, because now instead of just clicks and engagement, you are getting contact information that you can keep, and people walking in the door.

Who does this service make the most sense for?

Any type of client that might want to run a promotion, context, coupon, or offer. Examples that come to mind right away are restaurants, bars, events, personal brands, athletes, sports teams, and retail locations.

Here are 6 reasons why this makes SO much sense for us to offer to our clients:

1. It’s building a database of data that you own.

If Instagram disappeared tomorrow, how would you reach all of your followers? Social media is awesome but the issue is: the platform has all of the information, and if it goes away, you can no longer reach those people.

With text message marketing, you get direct access to somebody via their phone number and you get to keep that information unless they opt out.

2. It makes your social media ads more effective.

Getting impressions, clicks, likes, shares, and comments is awesome. You know what’s more awesome? Driving somebody to a landing page that says “Enter your phone number” then being able to directly access them through their phone.

It’s even better when somebody walks in the door because of a text you sent them with a coupon or offer.

3. Everybody actually sees the message.

Unlike social media or email, it is highly likely that somebody will open and consume the entire text message you send them. People constantly check their Message notifications and they always have their phone at an arm’s length.

Your text will get read, whereas somebody could easily scroll past your social media post or breeze past your email.

4. It allows you to do fun promotions, contests, and offers.

People love deals, and they love when brands have an element of “fun” to them. With text message marketing, you can easily create engaging and fun contests, promotions, and coupons.

Let’s say you have a slow Tuesday night at your restaurant, but at 4:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday you can say “Stop by and show us this text message for a free beer.”

5. You can track the effectiveness of other media.

With text message marketing, you can put a unique code on your billboards, social media posts, newspaper ads, or whatever else you have any marketing materials. You can assign different unique codes to each one, which allows you to see which ones are actually generating responses.

The best thing about technology is the ability to attribute actions back to marketing efforts. This is one foolproof way to make that happen.

6. There is ZERO friction for the user.

There’s no new app for your user to download. There’s no new platform they need to learn. They already have their phone. They already text people on a daily basis. There’s nothing to do except simply enter a phone number and check a box to opt-in.

After that, they just need to simply get your texts and take action on whatever you send them. It’s easy. Easy in today’s world is important. As soon as something has 1% friction or seems 1% difficult, people won’t bother.

That’s about it.

At Brick Media, we observe the industry and keep up with modern trends. Then, as soon as we see something catching on, we start offering it to our clients. When you work with us, we’re helping you build your brand but we’re also your “lookout” for what you should be doing.

Yesterday’s trends might not work tomorrow!

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Jake Kurtz