Marketers: While Everybody's Busy Looking Right, Go Left

You have marketing dollars, but you’re not sure where to advertise.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s easier than ever than jump on the bandwagon when it comes to digital advertising.

If lots of large companies and industry leaders are spending their ad budget on Facebook, for example, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of, “It’s good enough for them, so it should be good enough for us.” But instead of just throwing money at an easy and not optimal solution, why not consider your decision from the perspective of your own audience?

Ask yourself the following two questions:

1. How many regular people are using the platform on a regular basis?

Take Snapchat, for example. This is shocking (and maybe even a little scary), but did you know that Snapchat claims that 90% of Americans between the ages of 13-24 are using Snapchat? That’s right, you can reach almost 100% of this demographic by advertising on Snapchat.


2. Has advertising completely ruined it yet? In other words, are TONS of companies already spending money on ads there?

Well, let’s see: In the beginning of 2019, Facebook and Twitter  reported ad revenues of approximately $17 billion and $800 million for their previous quarters, respectively. Instagram reported $9 billion for the entire year of 2018. But what about our Snapchat example? A paltry (by comparison) $1+ billion in all of 2018. It’s pretty safe to the say the first three platforms are pretty saturated with advertising, and you’ll have to deal with a lot less competition (and user frustration with advertising) on Snapchat.

This isn’t a pitch for advertising on Snapchat. It’s just a reminder that complacency in digital marketing can be deadly. Trying new things isn’t. And while a new platform isn’t guaranteed to work, you don’t have to remain married to it - you can get in and out whenever you want.

We can help you customize your advertising spend to reach your audience on the right platforms at the right time. Then, after everyone turns to the left, we’ll go right. Don’t be afraid to pivot your marketing strategy and try new tactics!

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Alex Oravitz