How MedSpa Owners Should Market CoolSculpting in 2019

Hey MedSpa owners!

This is Jake Kurtz, the CEO and Founder of Brick Media. We've got locations in both Tampa and Atlanta but we serve clients nationwide.

The reason I'm even able to approach the MedSpa industry (with confidence) is because I used to run all of the media and digital marketing for one of the largest MedSpas in the country. Then, after starting Brick Media, we naturally started working with other MedSpas.

Throughout all of this experience, we've learned a lot about how to effectively market CoolSculpting - one of the major services offered in this industry.

CoolSculpting is a marketer's dream, if executed properly, due to the high price point and the fact that clients usually DO end up seeing results (word of mouth). It's simply an amazing product to offer. From a marketing standpoint, however, it can be a bit tricky.

To help give you, the MedSpa owner, a quick reference on how to market CoolSculpting, we had our team put together this quick PDF. Feel free to print this out, share it with your team, and hopefully it can help!

If you want help marketing your business, reach out to us here and fill out the form!

And, finally...

Download: Epic Resource for Marketing CoolSculpting

And no, we're not going to trap you into giving your email address to "unlock" this piece of content. That's not how we roll. If you want to reach out to us separately and consider working with us, that's amazing! Otherwise, just enjoy this free piece of content.

Jake Kurtz