3 Simple Tips for Using Hashtags

The extra reach that hashtags can give your page in unmatched.


Explore pages have changed the social media game. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for each post. Your media presence increases with every hashtag that you use.

The different ranges of people you can touch by using a hashtag that they follow or that appear on an explore page is infinite.


Here are a few tips…

  1. Before posting, do research and find the top trending hashtags and include them in your post. Always include the top 10 hashtags, but make sure you choose creative ones that people can relate to, even if they’re not the top trending hashtags. Creativity sparks interest as well.

  2. If you don’t want your posts to look overcrowded with a bunch of hashtags, write them a few lines down from the other content. This will prevent them from causing a distraction from your content while also still utilizing them to their full effect.

  3. Share every post you make on all social media platforms that you or your company has a presence on. This will also guarantee that you are reaching as many people as you possibly can. Using the same hashtags throughout these posts on the different platforms will create a regular audience for you that will result in more interactions and responses. Using hashtags on each post will also ensure that while keeping the attention of your current audience, you are also able to reach new people as well.


Per recent studies, hashtags can increase engagement with a post by 20%.


A relevant hashtag on a tweet may encourage someone to explore more on your page, or a hashtag on LinkedIn may bring your companies page more through traffic.


Regardless, you cannot go wrong with hashtags and they carry positive results. The best part if, you can track your reach via the social media platforms themselves.


Being able to see trends in the attention that your posts are getting makes it easy to track patterns, eliminate the useless tags, and continue feeding the positive trends.





Taylor Torres