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About Brick Media

Brick Media is a digital marketing firm founded in Tampa, Florida by Jake Kurtz. What started as a “side business” quickly turned into a fast-growing digital marketing firm with 15+ recurring clients and a dedicated team. After growing its Tampa client base, Brick expanded into Atlanta in the middle of 2019 with the help of partner Alex Oravitz.

Brick offers marketing services such as paid media, social media, podcast marketing, content creation, and web design.

Our core belief is that the modern marketing world changes so quickly that you need a dedicated partner to "keep up” and stay ahead. We also believe strongly that building a brand is the only way to stand out in such a crowded world where consumers have unlimited options.


Core Values

These are a few things we care deeply about.

COMMUNICATION: You know the feeling of waiting days for a response? That doesn’t happen with us. We value fast and efficient communication, and we build that into our process.

EMPATHY: Thinking about things from our clients’ perspectives makes us better at what we do. Without that, everything else fails. We’re listeners more than we’re talkers.

RELATIONSHIPS: In both of our markets, our clients always have someone they can meet with in person. Building genuine client relationships is important to our business.

EXPERTISE: We’ve seen marketing from all angles. Big budgets. Small budgets. Internal marketing teams. Agency life. If you name it, we’ve probably experienced it.


“If we think long term, we can accomplish things that we couldn’t otherwise accomplish.”

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A Note From The Owner

Thank you for taking a look at the Brick Media website. I am grateful that we get the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and impact them using thoughtful, modern marketing strategies.

Marketing, to me, is one thing: building a brand. When you are adding real value to the life of your audience, you are doing marketing. Value can be education, entertainment, escapism, or simply making them feel good for a minute in the middle of their day.

The average person is crowded with messages every single day. There are unlimited options for basically any type of business. Customer attention is scattered among many social media platforms. People look at things for a split second.

Going along with that, there is no longer a “quality versus quantity” debate. It’s now both, quality AND quantity, and likely always will be from now on. Businesses need to be putting good things into the world, and doing it frequently.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s getting difficult to stand out. The only way to do that is with long-term thinking, amazing customer service, and a commitment to building a brand.

Brick Media exists to help businesses build long-term, meaningful marketing strategies. The goal is that your business pops into somebody’s head instead of your competitor.

If you end up working with us, we promise to live up to the core values we described above. We will always remain truthful, transparent, and dedicated to your business.

It won’t always be perfect but we’re in this to build a relationship and be your true partner.

If you need me, never hesitate to contact me directly.

Jake Kurtz
Founder & Managing Partner
Email: jake@brickmediagroup.com
Direct Line: (724) 650-2263